Cyberabad Cops Seized NDPS Drugs Valued at Over Rs 27 Crore in 2023

Hyderabad: Instances of drug peddling and seizing of drugs have multiplied in 2023 in Cyberabad jurisdiction, which has the maximum number of pubs from among the three commissionerates.

As per Cyberabad crime bureau records, the value of NDPS seized this year was Rs 27.8 crore as against last year’s Rs 12.4.

Investigation done by Deccan Chronicle revealed that Cyberabad has over 54 pubs, 1,000 farm houses in Rajendranagar zone, 160 in Shamshabad, 165 in Medchal and 33 in Balanagar.

These are booked by youth, who are into rave parties and drugs, among others, reliable sources said.

There has been a spurt in bookings in the last two months, as party-goers and event organisers took full advantage of the fact that police were busy with Assembly elections.

As per records, there were 277 drug peddling cases this year, 567 persons were accused, while two drug suppliers, 550 peddlers/middlemen and 15 end-users were arrested and two detained under the PD Act.

  • Cyberabad has over 54 pubs and around 1,390 farm houses.
  • 500 new farm houses with all amenities will start soon in the interiors.
  • Value of drugs seized this year Rs 27.8 cr, against Rs 12.42 cr in 2022.
  • Drugs seized: 6,676.9 kg ganja worth Rs 16.69 cr; Hashish oil worth Rs 66.4 lakh; cocaine worth Rs 1.01 cr; MDMA worth Rs 31.4 lakh; methaqualone worth Rs 1.05 cr and alprazolam worth Rs 1.2 lakh.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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