Whistleblower of pig oil scam attacked

Special operations team of Neredmet police raided other units and found 320 oil cans each weighing 15 litres each.

Hyderabad: A whistleblower police informant from RK Puram, who exposed the pig oil manufacturing racket, was attacked by those whose businesses were shut down as a rssult of his expose. A case has been registered with the Neredmet police station.

J. R. Devender worked as an informer for the police, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the Pollution Control Board. He discovered how units manufacturing pig oil were polluting a nearby lake. Acting on his information, five units in RK Puram were shut down.

On Tuesday, a group of men barged into his house and threatened his wife, before attacking him at a public place.

An eyewitness to the attack said to this newspaper, “At about 8.45 am on Tuesday, Devender was standing at a tyre shop after dropping his children to school. A gang of 18 men with rods and sticks attacked him. He was left bleeding and sustained grave injuries.”

The incident occurred adjacent to rythu bazaar at RK Puram. Someone who knew him came to his rescue and informed the police and Devender was taken to the police station where he was given first aid. It also turned out that before they attacked him, the gang had barged into his house and threatened his wife, and accused him of teasing women.

In fact, the same gang actually filed a complaint against Devender with the Neredmet police, alleging that Devender had teased women in the locality. No counter case has been filed from Devender’s side.

RK Puram was once a centre for pig oil production involving mainly families that had migrated from UP and Bihar.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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