Fear of bad name keeps techies in the line

Traffic cops record fall in number of professionals who are driving drunk.

Hyderabad: The fear of getting a bad remark that could jeopardise their career is keeping software professionals, both private and government, from drunk driving. Fewer of them are being caught driving drunk, by the traffic police. Though traffic cops do not inform bosses that their employees have been booked for drunk driving and sent to jail, Hyderabad Software Employees Association secretary (corporate social responsibility) Pradeep Gadicherla said the fear of their image taking a beating at the work place was one of the major reasons why IT employees avoid drunk driving.

“Normally, the employees do not disclose in office that they spent a few days in jail for drunk driving. They just report sick or apply for leave. The fear of getting a bad remark at office that could have an impact on the job makes employees fall in line,” he said. Mr A. Ranadhir, a private sector employee, said the availability of transport such as cab services even past midnight was one of the reasons for the number of cases coming down.

“Even pub management these days provide cab service for their customers. It is safe and cost-effective. Why would anyone take the risk of driving drunk,” he said. Traffic training inspector M. Srinivasulu said educated motorists sentenced to social service literally plead with them not make them stand with placards and banners at traffic junctions. “They don’t want to be seen in such a situation by colleagues, friends and relatives,” he said.

Government employees said disciplinary action is taken if they are booked for drunk driving while on duty. “Generally, government staff avoid boozing during office hours,” said Ch Srinivas, a government employee.

National Association of Software and Services Companies regional director (TS/AP) Srikant Srinivasan said any police case against those planning to go abroad was problematic. “Employees or businessmen prefer their record to be clean so that there is no problem in getting passport or a visa,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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