7 held for realtor’s murder in Prakasam’s Yarragondapalem

Special teams formed by Malika Garg investigated the case and apprehended on Wednesday all the seven involved in the murder

NELLORE: Prakasam district police have cracked the mystery behind murder of realtor Achyuta Adinarayana of Yarragondapalem in Prakasam district on March 16, 2022.

Special teams formed by SP Malika Garg under supervision of officer on special duty K. Chowdeshwari arrested seven persons, including conspirators, hired murderers and accomplices involved in the murder.

Adinarayana was into real estate and steel businesses near Yarragondapalem bus stand. There were civil disputes going on for 14 years between Adinarayana and one Subramanyam over two acres of land. At the instance of Adinarayana, some elders intervened and convinced Adinarayana to drop the case he filed in court against Subramanyam and also leave 75 cents of land to him and retain 1.25 acres.

Though he agreed to these conditions initially, he demanded the entire land and court expenses to drop the case when Subramanyam and his partners Guruprasad and Masthan Reddy approached him.

Adinarayana went on to file another case against Subramanyam and his partners over some assigned lands the latter had sold after converting them into plots.

The case led to buyers of plots bringing pressure on Guruprasad and others to return money. As Adinarayana was responsible for these troubles, they decided to eliminate him. They devised a plan to kill him using a car and project it as an accident.

Subramanyam and his partners contacted some hired killers and agreed to pay ₹ 20 lakh to execute the plan on February 20, 2022. But Adinarayana escaped with minor injuries in this attempt.

This led to them devising another plan. They attacked Adinarayana near Yarragondapalem with knives when he was returning home on his bike along with one Narayana Singh on March 16, 2022, at 6.30 p.m. After pushing Narayana Singh into a drainage canal, the accused threw chilli powder in the eyes of Adinarayana and stabbed him to death with knives.

Special teams formed by Malika Garg investigated the case and apprehended on Wednesday all the seven involved in the murder from near a hotel at Yarragondapalem.

The accused have been identified as Kanduri Guru Prasad, 40; Kanala Venkata Narayana Reddy, 39; Polisetti Ashok, 33; Jalagiri Rajasekhar, 34; Jalagiri Ramakrishna, 34; Jagannadham Mastan, 30; and Digumarti Lakshmi Narayana, 39.

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