Karnataka Congress hurls kickback bomb at BSY family

Yediyurappa was caught taking bribe through cheque and now it is through bank RTGS

The Congress in Karnataka has mounted a corruption attack on the BJP government, especially on Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa and his family members.

AICC General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala, during his maiden visit as Karnataka in-charge has alleged that BSY family had received kickback in a Rs 666 crore BDA project through RTGS to a company belonging to his family members from Shell companies based in Kolkata.

Later, Opposition leader Siddaramaiah said that the transaction was aimed at converting black money into white and entire transaction amounted to hawala and money laundering. The Congress has sought a judicial inquiry into the transaction to bring out the truth.

As per the documents released by Congress, around Rs 17 crore money has been transferred from seven Shell companies — REMAC Distributors Pvt Ltd, Shakambari Merchants Pvt Ltd, Strategic Vincom Pvt Ltd, Jagadamba Cosmosales Pvt Ltd., Gannayak Commodities Trade Pvt Ltd., Navteek Creations Pvt Ltd & Rajgharana Sales Pvt Ltd, had transferred over Rs five crore to Belgravia Enterprises Limited, of which, Yediyurappa's grandson Shashidhar Maradi is a Director.

Besides, the transaction had taken place between March 13 and July 22, this year, during lockdown in the country due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Rs five crore was later transferred from Belgravia Enterprises Limited to VSS Estates Pvt Ltd., which is owned by Mr Yeddyurappa's son Vijayendra, who is also BJP State Vice President.

Leading the attack, Surjewala said that earlier, Yediyurappa was caught taking bribe through cheque and now it is through bank RTGS. The WhatsApp messages between contractor and family members of is available. The messages were exchanged between contractor and BSY family members about money transfer.
Even an audio clipping of Vijayendra, charging that the BDA commissioner had collected money by dripping their name and did not reach the money to him was also available. Everything should have been considered as evidence in the case, he said.

Surjewala said that a Judicial inquiry by not less than a High Court Judge should be order to probe the corruption issue and till such time the inquiry is completed, Yediyurappa should resign from the Chief Minister's post.

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