Hyderabad: Increase in cybercrimes worries cops

Hyderabad: Residents of Cyberabad, that covers the IT zone, lost Rs 232.3 crore to cyberfraudsters, a manifold increase from the Rs 66 crore that was filched last year, according to the annual police report of the Cyberabad police that was released here on Saturday.

However, Cyberabad police commissioner Avinash Mohanty said, the police had struck back and had recovered more money from cyberfrauders and had freezing their accounts in 2023.

Overall, 29,156 cases of crime were reported this year, whereas it stood at 27,322 in 2022. Cybercrime cases shot up from 4,850 to 5,342.

The value of seized materials and accounts frozen of those pertaining to cybercrimes increased from Rs 7.57 crore in 2022 to Rs 47 crore this year, according to the annual crime record of Cyberabad police commissionerate.

Out of a total of 5,342 cases, only 339 cyber fraudsters were arrested, Mohanty said at the annual year-end press meeting here on Saturday.

“Once the victim alerts the cyber cell, our teams act swiftly by freezing the account and identifying the fraudster. This will prevent further losses and helps the police in the investigation,” Mohanty said.

“We have so many vital installations and important locations in the jurisdiction. Some thing or the other keeps happening all the time. Our priority will be to ensure that there is a proper disposal of cases, especially cybercrime cases,” he said.

Mohanty said it has been a hectic year for them as regards law and order issues.

“Cybercrime is a very important matter of concern. It has been on the rise for the past few years, we will be using advanced technology to detect cyber cases, We will intensify awareness programme in educational institutions and citizens belonging to all segments and age groups,” Mohanty said.

He said that apart from the Assembly elections, the Cyberabad police had organised security for the G20 summit-related events.

“In the coming year, we will make course corrections and go all-out to keep the society and citizens safe,” the commissioner said.

  • Important cases detected by Cyber Crime PS, Cyberabad:
  • Two from Surat and Mumbai for involvement in advertisement fraud. Police recovered Rs 15.6 lakh and incriminating documents.
  • Two were arrested from Tirupati for loan fraud
  • Six arrested from New Delhi for loan frauds. Police recovered Rs 41 lakh cash.
  • Seven fraudsters were arrested from Delhi NCR, Patna and Uttar Pradesh for theft of data.
  • If a cyberfraudster targets a victim and money is lost, the victim should immediately call the police on 1930. That is the fastest way to stop the loss of more money
  • Avinash Mohanty Cyberabad police commissioner

Crime scene Overall

2023: 29,156 cases

2022: 27,322 cases

Up by 1,934 cases

Cybercrime 2023: 5,342 cases

Money lost: Rs 232 crore

Seized, frozen amounts: Rs 47 crore

Cybercrime 2022: 4,850 cases

Money lost: Rs 66 crore

Seized, frozen amounts: Rs 7.57 crore

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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