Despite HCA assurance, victims pay hospital bills

Hyderabad: As the seven people injured in the stampede during sale of tickets for the India versus Australia T20 match recover, 19-year-old Aliya's parents are distraught as their daughter is in the ICU and no one from the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) has come forward to pay the hospital bills.

Aliya, a big fan of Virat Kohli, might miss her medical counselling due to her injuries.

Of the seven who were injured in the stampede, three — Sai Kishore, B Ranjitha and Sujatha —were discharged from Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad, on Thursday while two others, Aliya Sultana Muskaan and Aditya Nag, are still undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Aliya suffered internal injuries on her face and chest. As she lies in the ICU ward and the injuries visible on her face, her mother Nuzhat Begum is inconsolable as she recalls her daughter getting trampled by hundreds of people when the stampede started.

“We had been waiting since 5 am at the gate. Around 11.30 am, with so many people waiting, the gates were suddenly opened and the crowds rushed in. I was pushed around and realised that my daughter was being trampled. For 15 whole minutes I could not see her,” said Nuzhat Begum.

Aliya’s primary intention of watching the match was to watch Kohli. Her mother recalls that when she was brought to the hospital, even in that injured state, Aliya was happy that her bed’s number was 18, the number of the jersey worn by Kohli.

Aliya’s father Syed Arif says his daughter, who has cleared class XII, wants to pursue medicine and is supposed to attend counselling at NIMS on October 10. If she does not attend it, her seat may be in jeopardy.

While the family has already paid Rs 17,000 in hospital bills, they are waiting for someone from the HCA to convey to the hospital that they would cover the costs. Until now, there has been no such communication from HCA.

Two other patients who were discharged — Sujatha and Ranjitha — also said that they themselves had paid the hospital bills.

“No one even asked us the condition of our daughter. This incident could jeopardise her future. They have to take responsibility,” said an angry Arif.

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