Telangana man kills second wife by lethal injections

KHAMMAM: Another case of lethal medicine injection with motive for murder is registered in the II Town Police Station on Thursday, weeks after the death of a housewife in a local hospital.

As per the police case, Tejavath Biksham, 41, killed his second wife Naveena aka Sunitha by mixing medazolam and scoline in her saline bottle while she was in hospital for a second delivery. The incident took place at a private hospital in Khammam on July 31, 2022.

The relatives of Naveena and Biksham had done the last rites to her the next day. Biksham, in an act of deceit, found fault with the hospital doctors for “wrong treatment,” which he said caused her death.

The doctors thereon checked all the injections that she was administered at the hospital. They did not get any clue to her death and they forgot the issue thereafter.

An employee of the hospital used to check the CCTV footage before deleting it. He found the visual of Biskham injecting some medicines to his wife by pretending to lie down adjacent to her bed. He showed the footage to the hospital management, which produced it to the police.

II Town circle inspector Sridhar said, “We found in the footage that Biksham was administering some medicine. So he was taken into custody. The man, who was working in a private hospital, had enough knowledge on lethal medicines. On questioning, he agreed he had injected Medazolam and Scoline to the deceased Naveena.”

The police called the deceased’s mother and explained the matter to her. He also advised her to file a complaint. Based on this, an FIR was filed against him.

Biksam married Naveena as his second wife after his first wife bore no children even after 12 years of marriage.

The poor parents of Naveena sent their daughter as the second wife of Biskham four years ago. She gave birth to a female child in 2020 and she was admitted to the hospital for a second delivery. She gave birth to a female child in the hospital and her death took place during that time, police said.

Biksham admitted to his crime in the interrogation by saying that he was vexed with the behaviour of Naveena after she gave birth to the first baby. She refused to give her baby to his mother and she put on a lot of importance after becoming a mother. He said he spent sleepless nights and finally decided to eliminate her.

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