Drunk's kindness scares children

Chari was so drunk that he could not speak anything.

Hyderabad: A drunkard’s gesture of kindness to some kids created a drama at Shamshabad on Monday morning. Locals caught the 30-year-old man and handed him over to police alleging that he was trying to kidnap kids after luring them with chocolate. However, police came to know that the guy was just giving back a chocolate which had fallen on the ground from a kid’s hand.

Locals said they found Lakshminarayana Chari walking behind three kids at an isolated place near Gandhi statue and offering them chocolate. The kids, who were younger than 10 years became afraid. Soon locals caught him and called the police.

Chari was so drunk that he could not speak anything. Later, police found that Chari did not have any criminal intent. “He drinks throughout the day. Today, he found a chocolate on the road and some kids ahead. He tried to give them back the chocolate. But, as he was drunk, the kids got scared,” a police officer said. Police let off Chari after a while.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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