Rackets behind pre-approved loans' by third-party portals

Professionals earning more than Rs 5 lakh per year mostly targeted.

HYDERABAD: Third-party portals and agencies that are offering bank loans and credit cards are simply wasting the time of netizens and putting at risk their personal data. Experts say it is better to approach banks for such services directly instead of depending on third-parties, in order to avoid cyber threats.

Some websites are sending emails to targeted groups like techies, professionals in various sectors and those who have income of more than Rs 5 lakh per annum.

The mails offering ‘Pre-approval credit card-/bank loans’ lure netizens to follow the links given by the agencies. When a netizen browses the site, the ‘Pre-app-roved’ matter turns into plenty of queries related to personal and salary details, but does not end in a loan approval.

Mr. J. Jayadeep Kumar, a software professional in the city who is seeking a personal loan said that he recently followed such a third-party portal. “It took nearly 10 minutes to answer all the queries on the website. During the Cibil score, I was forced to provide my PAN details and even give details of number of family members, dependents etc. Finally, the website rejected my application. I had entered my personal phone number and have received loan offer calls to that number from other agents, which means that my personal data is shared with others,” he said. Cyber crimes inspector of Rachakonda police Commissionerate, Md. Riyazuddin said that some cases of this type have been registered with Cyberabad and Rachakonda police.

“Approaching the concerned bank either dire-ctly or online is better if you want to apply for credit cards or loans. Theft of personal data can lead to cyber crimes. A similar modus-operandi is adopted by insurance fraudsters. During the course of investigation of such frauds earlier, the third-party agencies claimed that they mentioned in their terms and conditions that they would share personal da-ta with other agencies. Netizens should be aware of these T&C. Selling of personal data by data banks has become a profitable business to third-party agencies with lower investments,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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