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Thieves active near temples in Hyderabad

Published Jul 18, 2016, 1:04 am IST
Updated Jul 18, 2016, 1:18 am IST
Snatchers conduct ‘surveys’ near temples for potential victims.
Senior cops said that most women wear their best jewellery while visiting temples and that attracts snatchers.
 Senior cops said that most women wear their best jewellery while visiting temples and that attracts snatchers.

Hyderabad: On June 27 50-year-old K. Vijaya was walking back home after visiting a temple in Bandlaguda just 500 meters away from her home. There was nobody on the road except a few visitors to the temple.

Vijaya did not pay much attention to the sound of a bike that was slowing down behind her. Suddenly, the pillion rider extended his arm and grabbed her gold chain. Before she could even shout he pulled the chain with great force as the bike kept moving. In less than a second, her 30 gram gold chain, which had her mangalsutra was in his hand.


As the two men fled on their bike, a shocked Vijaya shouted for help. But it was of no use. The bikers had already disappeared.   

Similarly, 56-year-old Vaidehi was on way to a temple in Srinagar colony in Panjagutta when her gold chain weighing 60 grams was snatched by two bike borne men.  

Like Vijaya and Vaidehi, many women stood helpless when chain snatchers robbed them when they were returning home from temples or while on way to temples.

Most of the chain snatching victims in the city were either returning from or going to temples when the snatchers robbed them. According to police, around 60 per cent of the victims are frequent visitors to temples.


The snatchers conduct surveys near temples and strike when roads are less crowded. Senior police officials say that most women wear their best jewellery when visiting temples attracting snatchers.

Crime Records Bureau officials said most chain snatchings occurred before 8 am near temples when crowds were less.

“Among the victims a large number of women were in their late 40s or above 50. They go to temples alone wearing jewellery. The snatchers follow them and wait for the appropriate moment to strike,” said an official.

Officials say that snatchers usually wait near small temples, where the number of devotees are less in order to avoid the police and crowds.


Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad