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Hyderabad: Police find complainants accused in most cases

Published Feb 18, 2018, 1:26 am IST
Updated Feb 18, 2018, 1:26 am IST
By misleading the police with false information, they complicate and delay the investigation.
In certain murder cases, it is the complainant who turns out to be the prime accused.
 In certain murder cases, it is the complainant who turns out to be the prime accused.

Hyderabad: In certain murder cases, it is the complainant who turns out to be the prime accused. In the heinous murder which was in the name of human sacrifice of a baby girl at Uppal, it turned out that the complainant Rajashekar, who tried to misguide the cops and make out that it was his neighbour who had committed the crime, was in fact the murderer himself. By misleading the police with false information, they complicate and delay the investigation. 

A outrageous case of this was Congress leader M. Mukesh Goud’s son, Vikram Goud, who shot himself at his residence and then filed a complaint with the police stating that he was attacked. 


It turned out that Goud had been planning the attack on himself for four months and had paid hired guns Rs 50 lakh to do so.

According to the police, he wanted to contest state Assembly elections in 2019 and hoped to get public sympathy through the shooting incident. 

According to the police records, such complainant-conspirators are not uncommon in cases of house robberies and murder, especially of spouse and children. 

Dr N. Venkannaih, head of department, clues team, says that in such cases, police check the modus operandi, body language and circumstances. 


“We match the statement copy with the crime scene. If found suspicious the investigation angle is changed. Also the complainant's relations with the victim and place of the crime are crossed checked,” Dr Venkannaih said.

Case 1: City’s baby head chopped
Hyderabad: The day after the Super blue blood moon, the chopped head of a three-month- old baby was found on the terrace of the house of one Rajasekhar, at Chilka Nagar in Cyberabad. Rajasekhar had alerted the police, claiming that an unknown person left the baby’s head and there was no trace of the body. 


The police questioned around 30-40 people to get clues in the case. A sniffer dog was brought to the site and apparently ventured into Rajasekhar’s neighbour’s house. Rajasekhar then tried to pin the crime on the neighbour. 

As the investigation progressed, bloodstains found in Rajashekar’s house were found to match those of the baby. It then transpired that Rajasekhar himself had murdered the baby during the lunar eclipse hoping that this would improve his wife’s health. The baby girl was reportedly kidnapped from Bhoiguda. Her parents lived on the road near the Secundeabad railway station. 


The killer had left home with a knife and a polythene bag. After chopping off the baby’s head, he threw the torso into the Musi River. He brought the head home and performed a puja with the head on his lap. The blood samples matched and Rajashekar and his wife Srilatha were arrested.

Case 2: Kolkata man conspires family’s murder for cousin
Kolkata: Shashi Kumar himself lodged a police complaint about the murders of his wife and their four-year-old adopted son. Manager of a nationalised bank in Kolkata, Shashi wanted to get rid of his wife Manju and their four-year-old son Dweej because he wanted to marry his cousin with whom he was having an affair. On November 15, 2016, he arranged for two carpenters, Mukesh Kumar Sharma and Mohan Sharma to enter the house on the pretext of doing some repair work. The two slit the throats of the wife and son, then stole some jewellery to make it look like theft was the motive. 


Mukesh Kumar Sharma had earlier sought Shahsi Kumar’s help to get a bank loan for his sister’s marriage. Shashi had not given the loan but offered him Rs 5 lakh to kill his wife and son, which Mukesh accepted. The heinous conspiracy came to light when the two actual murderers fell out over the paltry sum of  Rs 35,000 which they got for the stolen jewellery. Mukesh Kumar Sharma killed Mohan Sharma and then revealed the whole conspiracy to the police.

Case 3: Delhi youth who killed kid has been helping cops in case
Delhi: On February 6, 2018, 27-year-old Awadhesh Shakya of Swaroopnagar in Delhi who was studying for the civil services exam, kidnapped his landlord’s son and shortly afterwards killed the boy and hid the body in his room for over a month.


During the investigation that followed, he was a willing collaborator with the police and so was not a suspect, though the boy’s family had doubts about him initially. Awadhesh had even accompanied the family to the police station to file the missing complaint. 

The police grew suspicious when Awadhesh stopped answering their calls. They came to his residence and found the decomposed body of the boy. During interrogation, Awadhesh told the police that the boy’s father was opposed to the child’s fondness for him and that is why he had killed the minor. He originally wanted to demand a ransom. He was forced to keep the body in his house because of the intensified police patrolling in the area. 


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