Bapatla cops seize 21 kg ganja, arrest 12

Chirala police offer support for ganja users: Counseling for voluntary help, legal action for addicts

Vijayawada: Chirala I Town Police on Monday seized 21 kg of ganja worth Rs 2.10 lakh and a motorcycle from 12 persons who were later arrested from the Swarna Road.

SP Vakul Jindal said that since the formation of the new Bapatla district, police have been keeping a vigil on the history sheeters and taking strict action against those who sell and transport ganja. He said that in 2023, a suspect sheet was opened against 156 accused in connection with cannabis in the district. He said that the PD Act has been implemented against four persons who were caught repeatedly in ganja-related cases after disobeying the orders of the police officers.

Vakul Jindal stated that similarly, a programme called Sankalpam has been organised in 51 colleges in the district to explain the harm caused by cannabis at the village level and create awareness among them and 315 flexi banners have been arranged in every college explaining the harm caused by cannabis.

He said that as part of the programme, quizzes were conducted for the students about the harms caused by cannabis, pledges were made and certificates were given for the cannabis-free college.

More importantly, those who voluntarily come forward using ganja will be recognized as victims and counselled by expert doctors, otherwise those who become addicted to ganja will be identified as defendants.

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