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Residents near Swapnalok complex petrified seeing dark smoke

Deccan Chronicle.| Syed Omar Farooq

Published on: March 17, 2023 | Updated on: March 17, 2023
Fire accident in Swapnalok complex in Secunderabad. (Image: S. Surender Reddy/DC)

Fire accident in Swapnalok complex in Secunderabad. (Image: S. Surender Reddy/DC)

HYDERABAD: The dark smoke that spread over a three-km radius around Swapnalok Complex in Secunderabad on Thursday remained till the early hours of Friday.

It could be seen from distant areas like Bowenpally, Karkhana, Begumpet, Gandhinagar and Paradise circle.

"I was speaking to a friend from my apartment around 7.55 pm. I saw a dark cloud of smoke and disconnected the call. I immediately inquired with my friend M. Giridhar, who works in a textile showroom at MG Road. After he informed me about the massive fire, I rushed to watch the news," said M. Shyam Rao, a resident of Bowenpally.

The 1,500 people staying in Bartan compound colony, very close to the fire-hit B Block, said that they heard rapid blasts, got terrified and came out of their houses.

The blast was triggered by the compressors in the outdoor unit installed on the rear side of Swapnalok complex.

"We knew that fire had engulfed the complex but we were too terrified by the sound caused by the air conditioner compressor blast. We locked our houses and shifted to the other lane," said K. Hari Prasad. Quite a few families in the vicinity shifted their children.  

No one, not even employees and residents, was allowed to enter Bartan compound lane during the rescue operation.

"I was not allowed to enter the lane as the police were rescuing victims from the building. I had to park my bike on the main road near Paradise for the night," M. Yadagiri said.

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