Gang of Four from UP Arrested in Tanuku After Attempt to Rob House of Old Couple

Kakinada: The attempt by a five-member gang from Uttar Pradesh, including a minor boy, to burgle a house was foiled by an old couple. The Tanuku Rural Police later arrested the men at Velpuru village in Tanuku Rural mandal on Nov 8.

The gang struck at the house of Banda Babu Rao and knocked on the door. When Babu Rao opened the door, the five forced their entry in and threatened the old couple with a wooden toy-pistol. Babu Rao firmly resisted them. Babu Rao’s wife screamed aloud and the accused fled from the spot.

The couple called up the Tanuku Rural police. The police managed to arrest four of the gang -- Mohammed Shadiq, Usman, Shahi Alam and Mohammed Harshad. A minor involved in the crime is absconding.

Tadepalligudem DSP Sarath said the old couple had set up CC Cameras in front of their house as also laid solar fencing. Due to these, the accused could be identified and arrested.

Explaining the modus operandi, police said a furniture shop owner of Duvva village in Tanuku mandal had engaged workers from Uttar Pradesh for making chairs, cots, sofas etc. A worker in the shop was sent by him to do furniture work in the house of Babu Rao. This worker noticed that the old couple was having valuables kept at the house.

He hatched a plot to loot the house, but did not involve himself for fear that the couple would identify him. He sent three of his co-workers at the furniture firm to the house to terrorise the couple and rob the house. But their attempt has failed.

He said the police would launch a campaign urging the people of both the town and villages to set up CC Cameras if they have plans to keep their house closed and go out. The movement of people in the vicinity of the house can be easily known, from another place, through their mobile phone video recorder facility.

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