Hyderabad: He stole to pay for child’s illness

Published Mar 14, 2018, 1:54 am IST
Updated Mar 14, 2018, 3:57 am IST
Old case solved; 13 vehicles recovered.
Veerabadrappa (in green shirt) with the police. 	— DC
 Veerabadrappa (in green shirt) with the police. — DC

HYDERABAD: Madhapur Police solved a five-year-old case and arrested Kammari Veerabadrappa on Tuesday for his involvement in thirteen bike theft cases reported in different police stations in the city. 39-year-old Veerabadrappa had run into debts to fund the treatment of his five-year-old daughter, who had developed severe health complications at birth. Working as an office boy in an IT firm in the city, he could not clear the debts honestly and so he started committing thefts of bikes. He gave the bikes to his creditors in exchange for the sums he owed to them.

According to the police, a scooter owned by a woman techie was stolen in the month of March 2013 and she had lodged a complaint with Madhapur Police, but the case stayed undetected. However recently, she got e-challans for various traffic violations in different parts of the city. Shocked with this, the techie kept a watch at the locations, where her scooter was challaned and one day found one unidentified person riding her scooter. She tried to intercept the vehicle, but the rider sped away. She immediately approached Madhapur Police and lodged a complaint.


ACP Madhapur Mr. N. Shyam Prasad Rao said that based on the details given by the woman, special teams nabbed the rider on Monday evening near Cyber Towers.

Inquiries revealed that Veerabadramma had married his first cousin. Their first child was born with deformities. 

To treat her, he started borrowing in huge sums, but when he could not repay them, he turned to bike thefts. He was arrested and sent to remand on Tuesday.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad