Kondapur murder: Hubby killed wife

The main suspect Amarkanth borrowed his manager's bike for dumping the body.

Hyderabad: Bingee alias Pinkee, 32, the pregnant woman was killed by her second husband Vikas and his paramour’s family as she had turned to be a hindrance to her paramour’s illegal affair.

The four suspects had assaulted Bingee and killed her and the body was kept in the house at Siddiqui Nagar for more than a day before it was dismembered and dumped at Kondapur in the wee hours of January 29.

A place near Botanical Garden was chosen to throw her butchered body as garbage bags were usually dumped there and the suspects thought that GHMC workers would collect all the bags as garbage.

This would help wipe out all clues and keep them safe. But CC cameras caught their act. The main suspect Amarkanth borrowed his manager’s bike for dumping the body.


Cyberabad commissioner Sandeep Shandilya said two constables Mohd Pasha and Mohd Majeed of the CCC played a crucial role in the investigation by identifying the suspect’s bike.

Bingee had come to the city around 45 days ago searching for her second husband Vikas, Mamatha and her family and found them residing at Siddiqui Nagar.

Mamatha and Vikas were running a panipuri eatery and earning around Rs 750 per day, while Mamatha’s son Amarkanth was working in a bar in Gachibowli. Bingee was pregnant and alone at home which made the other three feel she was a burden.

Since Mamatha wanted release of her three-acre mortgaged land with the savings, and feared that they would have to spend their savings on Bingee’s delivery and her child.

This made the three along with Mamatha’s husband Anil Jha kill Bingy. Though Bingee resisted initially and fought back, she could not succeed, the police said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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