Hyderabad: Cases from 15 years ago still a threat

The police suspects that others are still working for terror organisations.

Hyderabad: One-and-a-half decades ago about 33 youths went missing from the city and the police suspect that they joined terror outfits. Only a few in the list were nabbed by Intelligence and special police teams. The police suspects that others are still working for terror organisations.

Farhuthullah Gori who was the suspected mastermind behind the human bomb attack on the task force office in 2004, his brother Shoukatullah Gori, Mohammad Nissar alias Mohammad Osman who escaped with HUJI outfit, Gidda Aziz, Viquar Ahmed and his associate Syed Amjad and Mohammad Suleman were arrested by Intelligence from 2009 to 2012.

Viquar Ahmed and Syed Amjad and two others were killed in an encounter at Aleir in Nalgonda district last year while coming from the Warangal Central Prison to Hyderabad.

In case of the remaining missing persons, officials have confirmed that Shahid Bilal, the mastermind behind several terror attacks across the country, died in a shootout in Karachi with the Pakistani police.

So for Intelligence agencies have not got information about Abdul Bari alias Abu Hamza (LeT), Zakir-ur-Rehman (LeT), Gidda Aziz (HUJI), four from Fasiuddin's gang, two from Shahid Bilal's module, one from the MMM gang involved in the Saibaba Temple case of 2002, two from Asgar Ali’s gang, five from Saleem Junaid Module and other SIMI activists.

Besides this list, the SIT has also released another list of seven people who were involved in a conspiracy case and went missing in the year 2007.

An official said the whereabouts of most of these missing persons were not known. “But, we are tracking them using multiple agencies. Whenever they come back to India they will be nabbed,” the official said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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