Telangana: Biker saves 4 from being electrocuted

One dies after stepping on live wire.

Hyderabad: A biker rescued five members of a family who were travelling in a car when a high tension cable fell on it in Yacharam on Friday. The wire had snapped when a lorry hit it. Despite the efforts of the biker, Mr Nagilla Jagan, one of the passengers in the car was electrocuted.

The victim was identified as Chalakani Chandrakala, 40. Her husband Jitendra Kumar, son Hrudeen, nephew Suryavihar and sisters Padmavathi and Srividya were rescued by Mr Jagan. Police said that Mr Kumar and his family were going to Takkalla pally near Yacharam to meet a relative in their car (AP16BN 3773).

At about 8 pm, while they were crossing Yacharam, a scrap-loaded truck that was ahead of them came into contact with a 12KV electric cable that stretched over the road and snapped it.

The road was recarpeted recently due to which its height had increased. Sources said the cable used to be 20 foot above the ground, but was now at 17 feet. The truck was overloaded with scrap, which hit the cable and broke it. When the cable fell on the car, Mr Kumar immediately stopped the vehicle and started shouting for help.

Mr Jagan who was on his way to home, noticed them, stopped his bike. and rushed to help. “Using his handkerchief he opened the doors and helped them out. Chandrakala who was sitting in the front seat got down from the vehicle but stepped on the snapped cable and was electrocuted. A fire broke out, charring the victim and the car completely, Ibrahimpatnam ACP S. Malla Reddy said.

He said the accident had occurred due to the negligence of the truck driver and the officials of the electricity department who did not raise the height of the cable. A case for causing death due to negligence (Section 304-a of the IPC) was registered against the electricity department officials and the truck driver.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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