Chennai: Woman tracks son's kidnapper' after 13 years

The woman said that her son who went missing' 13 years ago, is living as the son of a contractor in Kamarajar Nagar.

Chennai: In a case of a long fight to get back her long lost son, a 37-year-old woman from Anna Sathya Nagar approached the Thirumangalam police in Chennai on Thursday saying that her son who went ‘missing’ 13 years ago, is living as the son of a contractor in Kamarajar Nagar.

The woman Vijaya and her husband Velu claimed that their son was 'kidnapped' by Gnanasekharan, their former neighbour, who had now become a successful contractor and is settled in Kamaraj Nagar in Thirumangalam.

Vijaya happened to see Gnanasekharan in a television programme aired by Zee TV Tamil on May 4 and went to the office of the channel seeking details of her son's 'abductor'. Officials at the TV channel then tried to arrange a meeting with Gnanasekharan and Vijaya, but when he came to know that Vijaya was there, he skipped the scheduled meeting and went away.

Vijaya collected his address and then approached the Thirumangalam police on Thursday seeking their help to get back her 'kidnapped' son Vikram, alias Manoj Kumar, who was just two years old then.

Police, on their part, summoned Gnanasekharan who had a completely different version of the incident to narrate. According to him, Vijaya had four children and Vikram was born on a new moon day and had jaundice and so she gave the boy to him. The boy has been living as the son of Gnanasekharan's third wife Santhi and is now a student of class IX in a school in ICF.

Police called the boy on Friday and put him through a counselling session to explain the background of the case. The boy was not very comfortable about the idea of going back to his biological parents overnight as he always believed that Ganasekharan and Santhi were his parents.

Vikram finally agreed to go to Vijaya's house on weekends, but she was not ready to accept the arrangement and wanted her son to be always with her. With the boy going back to Gnanasekharan's house on Friday, police now believe that case may end up in a court with both sides fighting for Vikram (a) Manoj Kumar.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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