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Sandalwood drug trail: Congress' Zameer Ahmad says ready to hang if guilty

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Published on: September 12, 2020 | Updated on: September 12, 2020

The Sandalwood drug connect is taking an ugly political turn

Congress MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan

Congress MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan

Bengaluru: The Sandalwood drug connect is taking an ugly political turn, with whistle blower and celebrity manager Prashanth Sambaragi, who was summoned by CCB on Friday, claiming that he has given clinching evidence to CCB over Congress MLA Zameer Ahamed Khan's association with the racket.

However, Zameer has shot back saying that he is ready to be hanged if Sambaragi proved that he had any connection with drug dealers. He also added that he is ready to surrender all his property to the government, if someone proves that he went to Colombo with actress Sanjjannaa Galrani.

"I did not say that I have never gone to Colombo or casinos. When in JD(S), I went there with HD Kumaraswamy and 26 MLAs. Barring Deve Gowda's another son HD Revanna and one more party MLA, all our party MLAs went there and went to casinos also. I go to Colombo once in a year or so," Zameer said.

The drug trail is now heading towards the parties being organised in Colombo casinos by Prashanth, the `Rakhi brother' of actress Sanjjannaa and it is being said that many politicians, including Zameer, were a frequent participant to these parties.

"Of course, I go to Colombo and go to casinos. Is it illegal? I have not gone to Pakistan. As a matter of fact, most of the Karnataka legislators go to Colombo and go to casinos. To be honest, more number of BJP MLAs go to casinos than MLAs of other political parties. What that person (Sambaragi) is alleging is that I am involved with drug peddlers. If anyone proves that, I am ready to be hanged and I will urge the government to hang any politician involved with drug mafia to be hanged," Zameer added.

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