Bengaluru: Delivery boy asks customer for sex, shares her number with pals

She had received over a 100 calls asking her how much she charged for sex

Bengaluru: A food delivery boy was arrested in Bengaluru for allegedly sexually assaulting a customer to "teach her a lesson" for refusing delivery. He also forwarded her number to a group on Whatsapp, claiming her to be an escort, which led to her receiving over a 100 calls that night.

The woman filed a complaint with the police on July 8, stating that she had ordered food through a popular delivery app. Later in the night when the delivery boy came to drop off the order, she said that he reportedly made lewd gestures and comments, spoke in sexual innuendos and left.

Half an hour later, she started receiving calls from the delivery boy asking for sexual favours. She disconnected the call, but more followed. By the time she alerted the police, she had received 14 calls asking how much she charged for sex.

The police figured out that the delivery boy, identified as Shreyas, had passed around her number. He confessed to the crime, and admitted that he shared her number because she refused his delivery and did not pay him.

"According to Shreyas, there had been a row between the woman and him when he went to deliver the food. He claimed she did not like the delivered item and asked him to take back the parcel. Shreyas told her that was not possible", said a police officer.

The police said they would detain the men who called her for sex. "A team is working on the case, we have got the details on almost all the callers and we will arrest them shortly," he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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