Hyderabad: Man blows up ATM booth, threatens to kill himself

The suspect, before torching the machine, displayed his letter on world problems' to the cctv cameras in the booth.

Hyderabad: An unidentified suspect left a 17-page letter at an ATM booth in KPHB, before he set the machine ablaze, in the wee hours on Sunday. The suspect, before torching the machine, displayed his letter to the cctv cameras located above the machine. The suspect, who identified himself as Darkman FK in the letter, threatened to commit suicide if his letter/manifesto was not published in the media within the next 24 hours. “I will commit suicide. The cause for my death is all humans.” he wrote.

According to police, the unidentified man damaged the ATM machine of Indian Overseas Bank located at KPHB Phase I, using inflammable material with the help of a wire, which resulted in a portion of the machine and two cctv cameras inside the booth catching fire. He did not attempt to steal any money from the machine.

In the letter, he mentioned about the way the world is functioning now. He suggested that all human beings around the world have a single identity card and every Indian citizen should own a car and a house. He also suggested that differences in religion, caste, colour and region should be abolished and that citizens be assessed based on their financial status.

In his letter, he also suggested how health, education, the police and other departments should function. “This manifesto is formed to resolve all world problems. If you think this manifesto is wrong, then you should find a stronger solution.” his letter said. “In the cctv footage at the ATM booth, he is seen covering his face with a handkerchief,” said Inspector Ch Kushalkar

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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