Telangana: Woman kills hubby in a sinister plan with lover

Police said the woman even planned to get a plastic surgery done on her paramour and bring him in as her husband'.

Hyderabad: In what looked like a plot from a crime thriller, a woman killed her husband with the help of her paramour and then played out an acid attack drama to mislead investigators. She was arrested on Sunday. Police said the incident occurred in Nagarkurnool district.

Police said the woman even planned to get a plastic surgery done on her paramour and bring him in as her ‘husband’. Her plan backfired after the family of her husband, Sudhaker, discovered that the person injured in the alleged acid attack was not Sudhaker. Police arrested the woman identified as Swathi, who also paid about '5 lakh for the treatment of her paramour.

According to the police, they were told that Sudhaker had been attacked by four unidentified persons with acid on November 28, leaving him with a completely disfigured face.

The man was shifted to a hospital in Hyderabad where he and was undergoing treatment. However, during one of their visits to the hospital on Thursday, Sudhaker’s parents realised the man there was not their son. They immediately called the police who, on questioning, identified the man as A. Rajesh, working as a physiotherapist in the town. Inquiries also revealed that Swathy and Rajesh were in an extramarital affair for more than two years.

The duo took the opportunity on November 26 when Sudhaker fell from the cot while in sleep and injured his head. Swathi immediately called Rajesh to her house. Rajesh drugged Sudhaker with an injection and Swathi hit him on the head with an iron rod, killing him on the spot.

Later, the duo burnt the body with petrol. She was planning to get a surgery done on Rajesh to get him to look like her husband. Rajesh poured an inflammable susbstance on himself and burnt his face and got admitted in the hospital as ‘Sudhaker’.

Police arrested Swathi and recovered the body of Sudhakar from the forest area. Rajesh will be interrogated after he is discharged from the hospital, police said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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