People happy to break rules for parking

A liquor shop has been opened almost a year ago, 700 metres from the main road.

Outsiders occupy parking space
I live in Red Hills where the roads are narrow and parking space is limited to the people who live there. But cars and auto trolley drivers are parking their vehicles on the road, which is blocking the one-way road. This is not just a problem for the people who live here but also for those that use the road daily. Sometimes they are stuck for 30 minutes or more. Imagine if a police car or an ambulance is stuck. The officials should take this issue seriously and take action.
—Syed Shamsuddin MaghrabiRed Hills


Vodafone, return my money!
I have been using the Vodafone network for 11 years, From January, my balance is being deducted every month. In spite of lodging many complaints, the deductions are still being done. I want my money back.
— Jabeen, 9966992137


Toxic foam ruining our gadgets, utensils
We residents of Siddhartha Colony are facing a lot of problems due to improper sewage and the toxic polluted foam that is forming in the water. Because of the pollution, utensils and electronic gadgets are getting spoiled. We have informed the officials regarding the situation but no action has been taken. I request you to please highlight the issue.
— Rajan Mansi Sounder, Siddharthanagar Colony, Dammaiguda


Booze shop at Bandlaguda 700m from main road
A liquor shop has been opened almost a year ago, 700 metres from the main road. People have complained to the local police about this but to no avail. Every day, we see drunken women and men fallen on road.

When we try to interact with people, they are afraid of complaining against the owner so he seems to be well-connected.

The AIMIM and TRS corporator offices are just 300 metres away from the bar but even they are quiet.

I contacted the commissioner’s office and they suggested that I download the Hawkeye app on my mobile and upload the pictures and lodge a complaint. I did so but no action has been taken.
— Imran Khan Patel Nagar, Bandlaguda


Parked cars occupy road near Thumkunta lake
The 18-feet approach road to the community having more than150 apartments is always blocked due to the unauthorised parking of cars from a workshop on Hitec City Road, near Thumukunta lake. They even park at the blind turn and on the steep slope , blocking the view completely for the drivers and bike riders. We have tried all possible measures to stop this including filing multiple police complaints.
— Ragini Ravikiran K. Hyderabad

A year on, Kanajiguda road is still incomplete
The GHMC has taken up construction of a cement road from Kanajiguda main road (Indian Oil petrol pump) to Telecom Colony arch (Kaman). Work started in January but has still not been completed, and about 100 metres still needs to be done. Due to this, it has become a nightmare for the residents of Telecom Colony, and surrounding colonies like Muthyam Reddy Colony, Shiva Nagar Colony, Padmavati Colony, who use this road.

Further, RTC bus on Route No 23T to our colony has been stopped as the drivers say they cannot drive on the road. It has become very difficult for children, women, senior citizens, disabled people of the locality who depend on RTC buses.
— Ashwin KumarTelecom Colony, Kanajiguda, Alwal

Dogs make it difficult at P&T Colony
I want to bring to your notice the dog menace haunting the residents of P&T Colony, Bandlaguda Jagir. Our colony has upgraded from gram panchayat to municipality. Many of us have tried to report the issue of dogs but they have fallen on deaf ears.

There are at least 20 stray dogs on the roads and they make it difficult for residents, especially women who travel on bikes, to commute. There are many kids who wait for their school bus in the morning and senior citizens who take their morning walk who also face trouble.

Unfortunately, instead of taking precautions by controlling this dog menace, the municipality is waiting for some incident to happen after which this issue might get controlled. My request for you is to bring highlight this nuisance that has been causing the residents trouble.
— Zubair Razack Hyderabad

Even educated people spit in the park
While walking in the park, what I saw aggravated my feelings and prompted me to make an appeal. One of the members of a laughing club came aside a few steps from the group, spat on the turf and rejoined the exercises. Next, I observed a man with a long, white beard spat on tiles next to the walking track. These two are senior citizens, apparently educated.

Very frequently, while travelling by autorickshaws and taxis, I have noticed the drivers spitting in the open. Upon inquiry, it is noticed that the reason for their spitting is use of gutka.

I used to tell them to stop the habit as it is harmful. The old and even the young are accustomed to ‘gutka’ and paan and spit in the open indecently, unmindful of the harm of spreading TB and other diseases.

In the old days, Hyderabad was notorious for paan spittle on the roads and corners of the office steps etc. The authorities attempted to prevent the practice by displaying religious symbols.

The practice is reduced nowadays to a certain extent. On account of this obnoxious and indecent practice, our Telugu states rank high in TB incidence. May wisdom dawn on all to stop this bad habit in the interest of public health and the image of the nation.
— P. Yellamanda Narayanguda

How are trucks allowed on Patny flyover?
Are trucks allowed on the Patny flyover in Secunderabad in the day time? Making this dangerous situation worse, a stone truck is overtaking a sand truck from the left on such a narrow flyover. Please stop playing with our lives!
— Pramod Y.Hyderabad

Tirumala price hike unacceptable
The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has recently increased room rent from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000, which is a huge burden on the devotees.

I request the TTD management not to increase the room rent as thousands of devotees comes from different parts of the country for darshan. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam authorities should first provide accommodation and darshan to the devotees.
— Padmavathi Vikram Raj K.N., Kacheguda

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