Hyderabad: Crores of unaccounted cash recovered, many detained in random checks

Hyderabad: Police across the tri-commissionerate area on Tuesday seized unaccounted cash amounting to crores of rupees in vehicle checks and arrested tens of persons, to check cash flow during the campaigning period for the upcoming Assembly elections on November 30.

The police said that in all the instances, the cash would be handed over to the income tax department, and appealed to the public to carry supporting documents while carrying huge amounts of cash or jewellery.

Habeeb Nagar police, in a vehicle check at Aghapura Junction, seized a total of Rs 17 lakh from two separate individuals.

In Ibrahimpatnam, the police seized Rs 6.50 lakh from a person without supportive documents.

Banjara Hills police, in a major operation, seized Rs 3.35 crore of unaccounted cash and arrested three persons.

At the Muthangi Toll Plaza in Patancheru, authorities seized Rs 4.4 lakh.

During vehicle checks at Meraj Crossroads, the Asifnagar police seized Rs 6 lakh from an individual, identified as Asafaq.

At SR Nagar, police seized Rs 15 lakhs from Shijas, a 25-year-old Kerala resident residing in Banjara Hills.

In an operation at Medipally, authorities confiscated Rs 6.01 lakh.

A vehicle that was travelling from Masab Tank to Tandur was intercepted at NTR Crossroads in Vikarabad district and Rs 9.5 lakh unaccounted cash was seized.

In vehicle checks at Puranapul and Gandhi Statue, the Goshamal police seized Rs 15 lakh that was being ferried under suspicious circumstances by one Shanker Yadav, a resident of Begum Bazaar.

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