Experts stress on need to stop cow slaughter

illegal cow slaughtering was rampant in India, says Shiraj Qureshi

Hyderabad: Shiraj Qureshi, member of Group A panel counsel of the Supreme Court and former member of Madhya Pradesh Haj Samiti, said illegal cow slaughtering was rampant in India and they were working hard to prevent it.

Speaking at a programme organised by Dhyan Foundation, a spiritual and charitable organisation working pan-India to save animals from pain and cruelty, here on Friday he said, “Several illegal activities are rampant in case of cows, especially slaughtering, transportation, cold storage and supply of beef etc. Cows are beneficial to mankind in several ways, producing milk and protecting the environment. We respect the sentiments of Hindu brethren who consider it the ‘mother’.”

“We have done studies across the country on this burning issue and filed a petition in the Bengal High Court. The court ordered the government authorities to prevent cow slaughter. We told our Muslim brothers that the cow was adored like a mother by Hindus and it was dear to us as well. Slowly, we convinced several people from our community across India and thousands of butchers stopped slaughter of cows. Telangana will soon have the first-of-its-kind Gau shala, maintained by Muslim community,” he added.

Dr Imran Choudhary, Persian scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia, said, “There are a few people who are spreading hatred in the society. But Allah gives us the courage to help humanity. A strong and united India is possible only when the cow is considered as divine, that our ancestors have stressed it through generations.”

“Literate and educated Muslims who qualified from England and other countries are the real culprits who are spreading hatred in our country to benefit from it politically and it is incorrect to blame illiterate Muslims. The educated Muslims create a false notion that they are superior in knowledge, but the common Muslim is the one who has a better understanding of the ground realities,” he added.

Khaiser Ansari, Bharat First organisation, Telangana state in-charge, said, “We are constructing a Muslim Gau Shala with a capacity of 400 to 500 cows at Toopran and a society is in the process of being registered. We want to spread awareness among Muslims about the benefits of rearing cows. This will be first-of-its-kind Gau Shala which will be maintained by the Muslim community. We want to adopt orphan cows found on the streets and foster them and demonstrate the benefits of rearing cows.”

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