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Police connect vital clues to track techie's death

Deccan Chronicle.| Sampat G Samaritan

Published on: May 11, 2022 | Updated on: May 11, 2022

The police suspect that the culprit may have procured the country-made pistol with the Made in USA' tag from middlemen

Nellore SP Vijaya Rao (Image credit:

Nellore SP Vijaya Rao (Image credit:

Vijayawada: Police have got some minor leads in the case wherein a techie killed his girlfriend and later committed suicide at Tadipatri village in Nellore district.

Nellore SP Vijaya Rao said, "We are consolidating the piecemeal information from our sources to find out why he killed her, when he plotted to do so and who helped him to get the country made pistol he used for this and also the ammunition that he got. He was found to be mentally disturbed."

Police sources say that the weapon has been sent to the forensic lab for examination. He had two fully loaded magazines -- with one loaded into the pistol while another one found was in his pocket.

Meanwhile, as part of the inquiry, the police are tracking his all data, contacts and the places he visited in the last few days, and this is also to ascertain any involvement of others in the crime.

Police note that Ludhiana is famous for availability of country-made weapons. Such weapons are also available especially in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

The police suspect that the culprit may have procured the country-made pistol with the ‘Made in USA’ tag and two magazines loaded with bullets from middlemen to kill his girlfriend.

In a case in Rajahmundry a few years ago, a local cycle spare parts dealer was arrested by the police when he offered to sell a pistol after smuggling it from Ludhiana in a train. He had concealed the weapon in the sealed baggage of spare parts to avoid detection by cops. A police man posing as a Naxalite lured him to sell weapons by offering a good price and caught him red-handed.

The dealer offered to arrange AK- 47 guns, carbons, pistols and several rounds of bullets in both original and country-made variety after smuggling them from Ludhiana to make huge money to the Naxalites, police noted.

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