Nanthancode murder case: Evidence points fingers at Cadell Jeansen Raja

Cops interrogate Cadell for family murder.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Many pieces of circumstantial evidence point to the culpability of Cadell Jeansen Raja, who was arrested on Monday and was being interrogated in connection with the murder of four including his parents and sister. The police, during the first day of probe on Sunday, identified the fuel pump at Pattom from where he purchased litres of petrol to burn the bodies. Until minutes before the house was set ablaze, he deliberately tried to hide his presence in the house. He is suspected to have laced the food eaten by his parents professor Raja Thankam, 60, Dr Jean Padma, 58, and Sister Carol, 25, before allegedly murdering them.

Phenol was purchased to camouflage the smell of putrefying bodies and police has identified the source. He stayed with the three dead bodies for over a day planning various ways to dispose them. Finally he hacked his blind relative Anitha Jane, 70, into pieces on Friday. He did not skip meals after the murders and used to take food parcels from a nearby hotel and police has found that he purchased Biriyanis and Shawarma. In order to avoid the maid, he asked her to cook food and keep it at his relative’s house but did not show up there.

The police was verifying whether a gaming addiction has served as a catalyst to his allegedly murdering his family. Cadell was sent to Philippines to study MBBS but discontinued his studies claiming computer engineering was his forte. Later he studied engineering in Australia but returned home after flunking. He has reportedly co-developed a gaming search engine which he sold to a multinational company earning big bucks that helped him thrive.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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