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TRS leader bars entry to woman’s house after tiff

Published May 10, 2022, 2:19 am IST
Updated May 10, 2022, 9:11 am IST
Kondapalli Padma stands in front of the wall constructed by her neighbour Leela Toguta to block her house entrance in Kamalanagar colony. (DC)
 Kondapalli Padma stands in front of the wall constructed by her neighbour Leela Toguta to block her house entrance in Kamalanagar colony. (DC)

HYDERABAD: A single woman in her early fifties has been allegedly prevented from using the front entrance of her own home by the next-door neighbour due to a decade-old dispute between the two.  

According to the victim, Kondapalli Padma, her immediate neighbour Leela Toguta, who is an active women wing leader of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in the LB Nagar circle, constructed her house at Huda Sai Nagar, in 2002-03, in Vanasthalipuram, adjacent to Padma’s house numbered 5-4-12 in Kamalanagar Colony, Road number 1.

When Leela constructed a wall in front of her house, Padma objected to it leading to a dispute. Leela also planted a tree right in front of Padma’s house, aggravating the tension.

Angry Leela then constructed a wall close to the front entrance of Padma, obstructing her movement through the front gate. Leela allegedly closed the sewage line of Padma’s house, forcing the latter to use toilets of her relatives who live a few lines away.

As per the municipality approved plan, the entrance is from the Huda Sai Colony.
As it is a dead end, after shutting Padma’s entrance gate, that space has been allegedly used by Leela’s family for parking car.

Padma said, “In 2012, Leela and a few of her supporters constructed a big stone wall to the main entrance gate and closed the drainage connection to the house, claiming that I could not use this road as passage. I have given various representations to the authorities and the police but no one came to my rescue.”

“I am a physically challenged woman. I have no entrance to my house. I am using a small passage in the backside of the house for going out and coming in. For the one decade, I have been using the toilets of my relatives who live two streets away from this place,” Kondapalli Padma said.

Another neighbour of Padma, Desineedi Kumar Rao, told this correspondent, “In front of the main gate, they constructed a wall and the main entrance door was closed so that she cannot enter that lane. Padma made many representations to the police and the municipal authorities but she did not get any response.”

Bharath Chowdary Arekapudi, a resident of the colony said, “This matter can be resolved only if the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation authorities intervene. They have been mum for a decade on this issue. The victim should get justice before she turns too old.”

Leela, who responded on this matter said, “This road is at the other colony. How can she use this road? How can we allow other colony houses to have an entrance from our colony road?”

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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