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Mystery behind culprits' car dogs police

Deccan Chronicle.| Naveen Kumar

Published on: June 9, 2022 | Updated on: June 9, 2022

Vehicle was found to be marked as a Government Vehicle' and was used by a top member of the minority board



Hyderabad: Mystery over the Innova Crysta, in which the alleged gangrape took place, is yet to be solved as cops said further investigation would reveal the disappearance of the ‘Government Vehicle’ sticker, delay in registering a vehicle number etc.

The car, which has a registration number of TS 09 FH 3786, was manufactured on 1 April, 2019 and the date of registration is said to be on 23 September, 2019. However, as of date the vehicle, which is registered to a woman related to the chairman of a minority board, whose son is listed as a juvenile accused in the gangrape case, is still under a temporary registration. The vehicle was also found to be marked as a ‘Government Vehicle’ and was used by a top member of the minority board.

Sources said both the cars, Mercedes and the Innova, were driven by minors during the crime. The car was then seized by the police from a farmhouse in Moinabad, which was owned by a woman with links with a political family.
Even after the Clues team officials confirmed that the car contained biological fluids, strands of long hair, fingerprints and other materials, police officials refused to disclose details about the car.

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