Bengaluru AI Startup CEO Arrested for Alleged Murder of 4-Year-Old Son in Goa

Suchana Seth, co-founder and CEO of Mindful AI Lab, faces charges in a shocking case of her son's brutal murder in Goa.

Hyderabad: In a deeply disturbing incident, the co-founder and CEO of Bengaluru-based AI startup Mindful AI Lab, Suchana Seth, has been apprehended for the brutal murder of her four-year-old son in Goa.

The 39-year-old CEO allegedly committed the crime in the coastal city and subsequently fled to Bengaluru, carrying her child's body in a bag. The Goa Police, in collaboration with the staff at the Goa hotel where Seth was staying, coordinated with Karnataka Police to locate and arrest the CEO. For more details on this chilling high-profile murder case in Karnataka.

Suchana Seth, the CEO of Mindful AI Lab, a prominent artificial intelligence startup in Bengaluru, now faces charges of ruthlessly killing her four-year-old son during a visit to Goa. According to authorities, the 39-year-old CEO and her son arrived in Goa by flight on January 6, but she abruptly sought to check out within two days.

Despite hotel staff suggesting a more cost-effective and quicker flight option, Seth insisted on a road journey and had the receptionist book a taxi to Bengaluru, leaving with a briefcase. Subsequently, the hotel staff discovered blood-stained cloth in the room, prompting them to notify the police about the unsettling situation.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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