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Death, 20-yr jail terms await Jubilee Hills rape accused

Deccan Chronicle.| Naveen Kumar

Published on: June 8, 2022 | Updated on: June 8, 2022

Police say they have gathered strong evidence against six accused

Hyderabad police commissioner C.V. Anand (DC)

Hyderabad police commissioner C.V. Anand (DC)

HYDERABAD: The police officials said they had gathered strong forensic evidence against the gang that raped a minor girl at Jubilee Hills, and they were likely to be jailed for 20 years or given a lifetime imprisonment or the death penalty.

Officials also said the accused would have to pay for the victim's medical expenses and rehabilitation. The Clues team found evidence inside the abandoned Innova car, which had a ‘government vehicle’ sticker on it and which was removed long before the assault.

The role of MIM MLA’s minor son was revealed after the victim gave a statement on Monday and had mentioned that the juvenile had left the pastry shop, said police commissioner C.V. Anand.

"The latest accused in the case was only present in the Mercedes Benz car and was involved in sexual assault, but not in the gangrape. He might face a punishment of minimum 5 to 7 years of imprisonment," explained the official, adding that the trials were being conducted in special court.

The abandoned Innova, which is registered in the name of a woman who is a close relative of a political family, was found at a farmhouse in Moinabad. During the examination of the car by the Clues teams, strains of ‘semen-like substance’, strands of long hair and other material were collected.

The examination of the Mercedes led the Clues team to discovery of strands of long hair, footwear of a woman, some face masks, sanitisers and shuttlecocks among other materials. They also collected fingerprints from both vehicles. These samples collected will be sent to the forensic lab for further analysis.

Officials also confirmed that since minors were driving the cars, their parents were likely to get booked under MV Act rules. "Further investigations are left in the case, they might bring out charges against the parents for allowing minors to drive," said the commissioner.

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