Woman kills son, lies to hide crime

The woman allegedly slit the throat of her 23-day-old baby.

Hyderabad: A woman allegedly slit the throat of her 23-day-old baby and attempted to mislead her husband and police by claiming she was instead attacked by a chain-snatcher at Neredmet on Wednesday. Cops now suspect that D. Poornima, 27, used a shaving blade to cut the baby boy’s throat. It has also been revealed that Poornima had earlier asked her husband to sell the baby boy as she wanted a girl. The couple had two other children but one of them died six year ago during birth.

On Tuesday evening, Neredmet police received a call from residents of R.K. Puram about a robbery and murder. When police arrived on the scene, they found Poornima outside her house with the infant child. “The baby’s throat was cut half way and the woman’s behaviour remained suspicious. She claimed when she was out with her child, a chain snatcher came on a bike and attacked her and the baby. But, we could not find any evidence supporting her claims at the scene of the crime,” said ACP Alwal Syed Rafeeq.

Following further probe, it was found the mother herself had killed the infant. “She killed the baby when her husband was not at home. She then called him and tried to convince him it was a robbery,” said another official. Police took Poornima into custody. “She also confessed that she had committed the murder. She said that she wanted a girl not a boy,” said S.Ashok Kumar, Inspector of Police, Neredmet.

Her husband D. Sridhar Raj, a bangle merchant, also told police his wife had earlier urged him to sell the baby boy. But he had opposed the idea. Cops have now booked a case against Poornima for murder and for concealing evidence. The couple’s first child had died during birth, while the second boy is now aged 5. The slain baby was their third.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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