Telangana districts vulnerable to crime

Gangs either go into hiding or leave the state after robbery.

Hyderabad: In an attempt to make the city a safe place to live in, the state government is leaving no stone unturned by launching several new initiatives for better crime solving. However, the outskirts of the city and other districts in Telangana are being increasingly ignored, making them vulnerable to robberies by gangs from northern states.

These gangs who step into the city and target places after doing a recce either go back into hiding or leave the state after the robberies. One such example is the notorious Chaddi Gang, the inter-state robbers who were stationed temporarily in the city outskirts and were spotted at different locations, targeting residents and committing offences.

The city police has been given new SUVs, armed and special vehicles for faster response and also resources in abundance to improve technology, whereas the police departments in other districts have received fewer of these privileges.

“The criminals find police vigilance poor and not so effective in other districts when compared to the capital city. So they opt for vulnerable places and make those their hideout. The resources for crime prevention such as CCTVs, cordons and search operations and timely raids are not as well implemented in other districts as they are in the capital city,” a senior district official said.

Earlier this year in March, Amjad Khwaja Ameen Shaik, a native of Mumbai was arrested and Rs 6 lakh worth of gold and other valuables robbed from Hyderabad was recovered from him.

“On March 6, a 10-member gang wearing masks robbed 3.5 kgs of gold and other valuables at knife-point in broad daylight. The gang members had conducted a recce of the unit well before committing the offence,” the police said, adding that the gang was previously involved in several cases of dacoity, robbery and extortions in different parts of Maharashtra.

Several crimes in the city, petty or major ones, are solved easily due to the increased number of CCTV cameras installed both by the community and the city police. The districts, however, lack the feature, giving freedom and courage to offenders to stay and plan robberies.

Among the several unsolved cases, there was a sensational case of a three member gang, who on January 4, amidst the usual traffic, approached a man sitting on his bike in Jubilee Hills. They snatched his wallet and mobile at knifepoint and fled with his bike after pushing him onto the road.

They drove off with his bike, mobile and wallet and again after two days, attempted to rob a youth in Bahadurpura, local police inspector Khaleel Pasha said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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