Inebriated man kills wife in Delhi, has sex with corpse

The couple often got into fights owing to financial constraints and mistrust.

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, an inebriated man killed his wife and sexually violated the dead body. The crime happened on Monday last week.

The duo tied the knot after falling for each other at first sight, however, the marriage took an ugly turn owing to frequent bickering over financial and personal issues. Police nabbed the 25-year-old accused on Saturday.

The perpetrator, Sharma was head over heels for 23-year-old Monica when he saw her for the first time at his brother’s wedding. Infamous for his actions in the colony where he resided, Sharma promised to change his lifestyle after marriage. Being moved by his words, Monica gave a go ahead and the duo got married. Initially the newly wed used to put up in Bulandshahr, but later they shifted to Delhi.

Sharma was an e-rickshaw driver, but his earnings were not enough to meet the ends. The couple often got into fights owing to financial constraints and mistrust. On May 29, they had an altercation following which Sharma decided to kill his wife.

He prodded his wife to share a drink and made her understand that she would have to suffice her needs with the small amount of money he earns, however, being unsatisfied with the answer, she started shouting and fighting with him. Being unable to control his anger, he thrashed her face with a brick and she started bleeding profusely. Alarmed by the situation, neighbours rushed to their place. Sharma further banged her head on the wall and she died. Later, he took the dead body to the bathroom, took off her clothes and sexually violated it, Sharma conceded to the police.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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