Hyderabad: Insiders once, arrested cops tough to grill

Police said that if a cop was found involved in any incident, they would name him in the case after verifying details of the complaint.

Hyderabad: The arrest of policemen in different cases was giving the department a tough time during investigation. This began right from the time they were booked in a case till they were produced in court.

Police said being in the department and knowing the investigating techniques, the accused tried their best to hoodwink the teams and divert them. This was seen even during questioning. However, using psychological aspects and collecting concrete evidence, the department had nailed them successfully, said department officials.

Police said that if a cop was found involved in any incident, they would name him in the case after verifying details of the complaint. Learning about this, the first move of culprits would be go under cover. After that, they would try to evade arrest for long during which they would try to tamper with evidence or influence the victim party to get the case withdrawn.

Being in the force, they knew how the teams operated with specific clues and searched for them and would take all precautions not to leave any clue. Some even moved courts seeking anticipatory bail. After all this, the real struggle for the police would begin after they were arrested.

“Firstly, they will not admit their role in the offence or try to divert the issue by naming other persons. They very well know to what extent we can question or interrogate them. They think that if they can tolerate to that extent, they are in a safe zone. They play all tricks to misguide and avoid providing information about the offence,” a senior official from the City said.

However, police said they had their own ways to fix them and prove their role in the offence.

“Concrete evidence showing their role, following all procedures while framing charges, securing government panchas (mediators) during any seizures can fix them,” they said.

The accused could go to an extent of even influencing or threatening the victims during the trial or even offer compensation in cash or kind if witnesses turned hostile during trial.

“When two or more cops are involved in an offence, all will give statements against the senior most person, claiming he had pulled them into the issue, so as to minimise their role,” police said.

Inspector duped people in note-exchange racket

In December 2016, former Additional Inspector of Tappachabutra Y. Rajashekar along with Congress leader from Banjara Hills P. Tirumalesh Naidu and eight others had threatened a businessman from Kothagudem who had come to the city to exchange demonetised currency.

The Inspector took advantage of demonetisation and spread word that he could exchange old currency on commission basis. When the clients came to exchange, they were robbed. The inspector was arrested after being on the run for at least a week.

During the run, he did not carry a mobile and avoided taking shelter at houses of his close family members and friends, but cops tracked him to West Godavari district and nabbed him.

In January 2017, three constables - Dhan Singh from Rachakonda and V. Pavan and Vikram Reddy from Cyberabad - and an auto driver, who assisted them in the robbery case, were arrested by Madhapur police.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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