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Hyderabad: Pregnant woman slaps her molester, has him arrested

Published Jan 6, 2020, 1:30 am IST
Updated Jan 6, 2020, 1:30 am IST
Horror in Madhapur: Jobless NRI techie gropes woman walking to office.
K. Chandrakanth
 K. Chandrakanth

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, a woman techie who is four months pregnant was touched inappropriately by a former software engineer, as she was walking to her office at Madhapur at night. The police has booked a case against K. Chandrakanth, 32, and arrested him.

The victim is a 28-year-old working as an employee relationship manager with an IT consultancy firm and lives in Secunderabad. On January 2, at around 11 pm, she left the office to meet her husband during a break to have dinner. Her husband left afterwards and she was walking towards the office when the incident occurred.


According to the Madhapur police, Chand-rakanth, a resident of Kavuri Hills in Madhapur, had been to the US along with his wife and worked as a software engineer there. He is currently unemployed.

He spotted the woman walking in the opposite direction, went up to her, touched her private parts and walked away.

He was soon made to regret his crass action. When the woman came out of the shock at this behaviour, she found Chandrakanth standing on the road. She walked up to him and slapped him. Chandrakanth retaliated and beat her up. She screamed for help and passersby responded and helped catch Chandrakanth.


She called Dial 100 and a police patrol rushed to the spot and took Chandrakanth into custody. Following a complaint from the victim, he was arrested.

“The incident was not captured by the CCTV cameras. The victim Dialled 100, and the patrol rushed to the spot within 10 minutes and caught Chandrakanth. He denied the incident but there were people who saw him misbehaving with the woman,” said a police official.

Speaking to the media, the woman said, “I was walking to the office talking on the phone when this stranger came and touched me inappropriately. He put his hands on me and misbehaved with me. For a moment I was in shock but when I turned back, he was standing on the road. I slapped him and he beat me claiming that he did not do anything.”


“I screamed at him  and some youngsters came to my rescue. On their suggestion, I called the police. Yesterday (Saturday) his family members requested me to withdraw the complaint, but I wanted to teach him a lesson as well as to others who resort to such behaviour,” she said.

She added that when the incident of Disha, the veterinarian who was raped and killed recently, occurred, "I was also on the road, at 3.30 am, going home. I know how scared women and girls feel. This should be a lesson for those who do such things. I am not scared after the incident, but I wanted to kill him, I was so angry.”


Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad