Ranga Reddy district SP orders inquiry into assault on watchman

The Ranga Reddy SP has ordered an inquiry into the assault on a watchman at Saidabadby special branch constables.

Hyderabad: The Ranga Reddy SP has ordered an inquiry into the assault on a watchman at Saidabadby special branch constables. SP Dr Naveen Kumar said that an SI and constables from SB came to Hyderabad on Thursday to get signatures from an officer in Cyberabad, who had earlier worked in Vikarabad.

Dr Naveen Kumar said that SB inspector Venugopal Raj was in Vikarabad on Thursday when the incident happened. But SB SI Nagabhushan and constables went to Hyderabad to meet Cyberabad addl. DCP (Admin) Venkat-swamy and get his signatures. “Earlier, he had worked here as additional SP and for a month he was the in-charge SP. The passport verification documents received at that time were pending without his signatures. So a team was sent to get that done,” he said, adding that the Hyderabad police would inquire into the incident.

After they reached Hyderabad they came to know that watchman Amruth was abusing Venugopal’s son Prithv-iraj and went there to help him. “The boy has never gone to a police station. So they might have gone to help him register the complaint,” an officer said.

Chevella DSP Srutha Keerthi has been ordered to inquire into the incident in which the inspector allegedly sent men to assault the watchman and to submit a report within three days. Saidabad police said they have started an inquiry into complaints lodged by Prithviraj against Amruth and the one lodged by Amruth against Prithviraj and the constables. The CCTV showed two Blue Colts cops getting down from their vehicle and assaulting Amruth along with mufti constables. But police said they went to the spot to inquire about Prithviraj’s complaint and cops from Vikarabad also came.

Rights panel too asks for probe:

The State Human Rights Commission has ordered the Hyderabad police commissioner to inquire into the assault on a watchman at Saidabad and to submit a report by October 19. An HC lawyer approached the commission regarding this. Advocate Y. Somaraju said that despite CCTVs clearly showing the persons assaulting the watchman, police did not name any of them in the FIR and has not initiated any action. The department also did not take any action against the constables who were involved in the incident.

“Any commoner who has grievances will approach the police, but in this case, when the son of a police officer went to the police station, they send constables and beat up the opposite party,” he said. He requested the commission to direct the police to hold a fair inquiry and ensure justice to the victim.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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