Hayathnagar police arrests Nenavath Anusha's killer

Accused suspected Anusha of having multiple affairs.

Hyderabad: The Hayathnagar police on Saturday arrested 23-year-old Nenavath Anusha’s killer, the prime suspect and her fiancé Angoth Motilal.

Motilal, who worked as a senior manager in a private firm in the city, developed misgivings about Anusha, who was aspiring for a constable’s job, after she came in contact with other men during her police coaching. This got accentuated when he came to know that she was pregnant.

On the fateful day, the accused called her to the city on the pretext of getting her a job, and killed her at her sister’s house where she had put up.

Addressing a press meet, LB Nagar DCP M. Venkateswar Rao said that Anusha and Motilal were distant relatives and had known each other since 2008. They were in a relationship since 2013 and the match even had the approval of their families. The two got engaged in a ceremony nine months ago. Gradually they became physically intimate.

However, soon after the accused started suspecting her character and monitored her movements and her conversations on the mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Anusha had been pressuring him for the past two months that they should get married as she had got pregnant. But Motilal suspected that she got pregnant from relations with some other man. He then planned to kill her. He called her to the city claiming he had arranged some job interviews for her.

On January 28, Motilal reached the place where Anusha stayed. At night, the two quarrelled over her pregnancy and delay in marriage. He, however, convinced her of solving the issue and waited for to go to sleep.

“After she fell asleep, he brought a heavy boulder from outside and threw it on her head. She died instantly, and he fled from the spot. Later, on knowing that the news had spread, he switched off his mobile,” the DCP said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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