MP: Man decapitates wife, walks 8 km with her head to police station

The man decapitated his wife after he found that she was cheating on him with another man.

Dhareli: A farmer beheaded his wife and walked five miles with her head to the police station, after he found her with another man in one of his fields on January 30 in Madhya Pradesh.

According to media reports, Narayan Singh (38) was irate when he found his wife Sarita (28) with another man and took a sword and decapitated her.

Singh was spying on his wife when he caught her in a farmers’ hut, said neighbours.

The seething man then roamed around with her head, before walking to the nearest police station. By the time his alarmed neighbours, who were witnesses to the incident, alerted the police Singh had already started walking to the station.

The accused had allegedly caught his wife cheating twice earlier and warned her of ‘dire consequences’ if she did not stop.

"My wife had broken my trust. This is the reason why I beheaded her. I had warned her twice before, but she wouldn't mend her ways," he reportedly told locals.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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