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Chennai: Damaged phone of suicide victim sent to cyber wing

Published Apr 3, 2019, 4:10 am IST
Updated Apr 3, 2019, 4:10 am IST
A married woman had hung herself at her home in Triplicane two days ago. (Representational Image)
 A married woman had hung herself at her home in Triplicane two days ago. (Representational Image)

Chennai: Following the complaint that a 36-year-old married woman was forced to commit suicide by three youths who blackmailed her using questionable pictures, the Triplicane police have sent the woman's damaged phone to the cyber wing for data recovery.

A married woman had hung herself at her home in Triplicane two days ago. According to her husband Ayub Khan, his wife had a Facebook account and had accepted friend requests from some people who lived near their house. Three men - Wasim Akram, Farzeez and Muhammed - had met her at public places, befriended her, and had later lured her to their place and had taken some photographs with her.

It is also alleged that they tried to make sexual advances and later threatened her with the pictures. The upset woman had at first tried to keep it to herself but the husband noticed a difference in her behaviour. Her brother, who had also noticed her acting in a strange way, had tried to talk to her about it.

Though she tried to evade his questions first, she reportedly later broke down and told him.

The husband, who reportedly talked to the woman about it, threw her phone on the floor in the heat of the moment, damaging it. But later, he decided to support his wife through the ordeal and told her that they would approach the police with a complaint.

In the beginning, the woman reportedly fought against making a formal complaint fearing the infamy that it would lead to. According to Khan, he had thought that he had believed that he had convinced her to approach the police, in the end. The husband and the brother were waiting for the woman, to go to the police station, when she locked her room and hung herself. The two men, who went to the room to see why she was taking a long time, broke the door down and found her hanging.

They rushed her to a private hospital where doctors declared her brought dead. Triplicane police began investigations and took the phone that Khan had broken. “We have recovered the broken mobile phone and sent it to the cybercrime lab to recover data,” an investigating officer said. The police are probing the case with the help of the dead woman's cell phone and social media accounts.



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