Trainee women health workers attempt suicide

By DECCAN CHRONICLE | DC Correspondent

2 February 2023

ANANTAPUR: Two multi-purpose health workers undergoing training at the Regional Medical and Health Training Centre in Kurnool attempted to commit suicide a couple of days ago due to alleged harassment by their hotel warden. Their fellow trainees prevented them from doing so. The issue came to light on Wednesday.

There are about 30 health workers from Rayalaseema undergoing training at the regional health centre. They have been accommodated at the centre' hostel. The trainees have been complaining that their warden Vijaya Susheela has been harassing them.

They allege they are being targeted for wearing a bindi (bottu) or sporting mehendi. The warden also forces them to work at her residence. All the trainees had met Regional Medical and Health Training Centre principal Lakshmi Narasaiah on Monday and complained against the warden.

It is said Vijaya Susheela then targeted the trainees for lodging a complaint against her and threatened to dismiss them. Following this, two trainees attempted suicide on Monday and another on Tuesday.

This has resulted in authorities announcing holidays for the centre. Principal Lakshmi Narasaiah has directed the warden to vacate her quarters. He said another staff member will be deputed in her place.

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