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Cybercrime cops intensify investigation in GRE malpractice case

Published Feb 2, 2023, 8:03 pm IST
Updated Feb 2, 2023, 8:03 pm IST

HYDERABAD: Cyber crime police of Hyderabad handling the case of malpractices in GRE entrance, have intensified the investigation to trace the suspect. As it was alleged by the GRE organisers that multiple rings of organised gangs are involved in the fraud and that the same fraud has happened in other parts of the country, police are also looking into the role of inter state operators allegedly involved in the scam.

Prima facie it was found that the suspect identified as Gunashekar has facilitated to cheat in the entrance and he was assisted by people outside, indicating a multi layered fraud, successfully pulled off by the fraudsters.

As Gunashekar went into hiding after the fraud came to light, police are working technical aspects to trace him. His phone numbers, bank accounts numbers and other details are also being verified to check if he had helped more people in cheating during the exam. Further, the details of candidates who took his assistance to cheat and clear the entrance are also being verified, it was learnt.

The suspect took Rs 23,000 from a candidate who was a part of a sting operation conducted by the agency which conducts the test and helped him to cheat during the examination. Following the sting operation, the agency approached police and a case was filed.



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