New Trend: Cybercriminals Using a Common Bank Account For All Frauds

Hyderabad: Cybercrime investigators have found that in a new development fraudsters have been using the same bank account to receive money from their victims after trapping them with dubious offers.

In one such case, a bank account, used by fraudsters for collecting money from the victim, who was threatened with charges of shipping drugs, was also used in around 50 cybercrime cases. This is despite the fact that the modus operandi was different and victims were from different states.

However, the account was not flagged as victims from other states do not lodge complaints because the amount they had lost was relatively small, say investigators. In the case reported in the city, the victim had lost a few lakhs.

Normally, fraudsters use specific bank accounts for collecting money. The latest trend of a common account is baffling the authorities.

As a result, police have appraised the Telangana State cyber security bureau, the state’s nodal agency for cybercrime cases, with all case details. The bureau has also begun the process of writing to their counterparts in other states with the case findings for further action.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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