68th Day Of Lockdown

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Nation Crime 01 May 2019 Visakhapatnam: Cops ...

Visakhapatnam: Cops question users to cut drug supply chain

Published May 1, 2019, 5:11 am IST
Updated May 1, 2019, 5:11 am IST
Cops questioned users discreetly, vow not to spare peddlers.
The Vizag city cops are questioning the youths who are suspected to have been drug abusers. (Representational Image)
 The Vizag city cops are questioning the youths who are suspected to have been drug abusers. (Representational Image)

Visakhapatnam: The Vizag police is leaving no stone unturned to zero in on the peddlers who have been ruining the lives of the youth from the city just to make easy money.

The Vizag city cops are questioning the youths who are suspected to have been drug abusers.


It may be recalled that the police has identified about 50 drug abusers in the city. Now, the cops are summoning these youth one by one and questioning them.

The rave party on April 13, where drug abuse was reported, created a sensation in the city of destiny. Following up, the police has already arrested six drug peddlers.

A senior police officer told this newspaper: “We are thinking long-term. Just filing charges on the peddlers in our custody will have short-term impact. We want to nip the problem in the bud and make sure that the chain of supply and demand is snapped.”

As per a preliminary report, drugs are being brought to the city Goa, Bengaluru and also ordered online and supplied through courier service.

The police department is still preparing an action plan to cut the supply chain of drugs to the city. Officials say that the suspected drug abusers are being questioned so that the police is able to trace the supply chain and there are no loose ends.

A senior police official ruled out any arrest of the drug abusers, but made it clear that the peddlers won’t be spared. “As it’s a sensitive subject, we are being discreet. We have almost completed our action plan and are giving it final touches. We plan to set up a foolproof system by taking inputs during the inquiry process,” he said.

Meanwhile, nightlife in Vizag has taken a hit with the drug bust. The police is thoroughly checking vehicles, especially if driven by youth, near beaches, following strict orders from the higher officials.

Earlier, youngsters were seen enjoying the beach at Bheemili till midnight, but now are keeping away soon after dark.