Congress, INDIA bloc will raise Manipur issue with full force in Parliament: Rahul

New Delhi: The INDIA bloc is once again aiming to corner Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming Parliament session on the issue of Manipur. Days after his visit to the violence-hit state, Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi made the Opposition's stance clear on Thursday. He also reiterated that the Prime Minister should personally visit Manipur and appeal for peace.

In a post on X in Hindi, the former Congress president shared a video of his interactions with the people of Manipur during his day-long visit to the violence-hit state on Monday.

"I have visited Manipur three times since violence broke out there, but unfortunately there is no improvement in the situation -- even today the state is divided into two parts. Houses are burning, innocent lives are in danger and thousands of families are forced to live in relief camps," Mr Gandhi posted.

"The Prime Minister should personally visit Manipur, listen to the problems of the people of the state and appeal for peace, Mr Gandhi said.

"The Congress party and INDIA will raise the need for peace in Manipur with full force in Parliament to put pressure on the government to end this tragedy," the Congress leader said.

In the video Mr Gandhi shared, he is telling the people that the Congress and its MPs had raised the problems the people of Manipur were facing in the Parliament session that has just ended and promised to raise the issues again in the upcoming session.

“We can put pressure (on the government) and we will put pressure on them," he says to the people.

"I can help you. I can raise the issue and put pressure, but I can't reassure you when you will be able to go back to your homes because the government has the answer to this. You will see in the next session I will raise your voice," Mr Gandhi tells the people at a relief camp in Manipur.

“Thousands of families have been harmed, properties have been destroyed, family members have been killed and I have never seen anywhere in India what is going on here. The state is completely split in two and it is a tragedy for everybody involved. I want to tell all the people of Manipur that I come here as your brother... I come here as somebody who wants to help you, who wants to work with you to bring back peace in Manipur,” he added.

Last week in the Rajya Sabha, the Prime Minister said instances of violence had declined in Manipur. He added that the reopening of schools, offices and establishments in the state is a sign of normalcy being restored.

Parliament's Budget Session will be held between July 22 and August 12.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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