Congress Failed Country, BJP Never Discriminates Basis Religion: Rajnath Singh

Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday accused the Congress of failing the country despite being in power at the Centre for over five decades.

Addressing a public meeting in Nagoud under Satna Lok Sabha constituency, Mr Singh said that 50 years were enough to ensure inclusive growth in the country. But, Congress has failed the country by not taking the nation forward.

He indicated that the Congress was gradually losing its political relevance in the country and said that “Congress has become like a piece of rusted iron”.

Mr Singh however likened BJP to ’24 carat gold’ and said that whatever the party promised, it delivered.

The Union minister said the country has witnessed significant economic development during the ten-year-tenure of Narendra Modi government at the Centre.

When the BJP government under the leadership of Mr Modi came to power at the Centre in 2014, India’s position in global economic scale was 11th.

The economy of the country is now among the top five in the world, he said and exhorted the people to return the Modi government at the Centre in the ensuing general elections to make India one of the top three economies in the world.

Mr Singh reiterated his support for the ‘One Nation, One Election’ concept, and strongly advocated that there should not be more than two elections in five years in the country.

He dismissed charges of religious bias levelled against BJP by the Opposition, saying that BJP never discriminated on the basis of religion.

“Ram Rajya ushers in when we focus on our responsibilities rather than our rights. While some accuse the BJP of religious bias, we treat people of all faiths as equals”, he said.

Mr Singh also addressed an election meeting at Mauganj under Rewa LS constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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