Cardinal Poola Anthony Flags Off Run for Jesus Rally

Hyderabad: Thousands of Christians from the city participated in the "Run for Jesus," an event that began in 2011. Initially confined to the city, it has now expanded to more than 500 locations across both Telugu-speaking states. This is the largest Christian run or rally, taking place annually on Holy Saturday. The youth appear to be the most enthusiastic participants, donning white sports outfits and singing praise and worship songs from the flag-off to the finish line.

The "Run For Jesus" Rally is a collaborative effort by the Federation of Telugu Churches, Telangana State Federation of Churches, Telangana Council of Churches, and Twin Cities Pastors’ Fellowship. On Saturday morning, the rally started from St Mary’s Basilica in Secunderabad. Cardinal Poola Anthony, Archbishop of the Hyderabad, flagged off the rally, explaining the significance of Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection in providing solace during times of suffering and inspiring moral and ethical living. The rally halted at St. George's Church in Abids.

The Unique Bhajana Team that accompanied the rally on a vehicle, engaged everyone with songs as the procession progressed. Comprising around 50 members with instruments, the team sang praise and worship songs. Its team leader, U. Sanjeev Sanju, remarked, "From the starting point to the end, our songs engaged everyone. All the participants also sang along with us."

Paul Devapriyam Pulla, the founder of the event, said, "Christians across the two Telugu-speaking states have participated in the rally at various venues. The main venue received an exceptional response, as usual, making the event a success. There were prominent speakers and star musicians present. It was the people's participation that made this event one of the best Christian events in India.

He added, "Actor-turned-pastor Raja is the ambassador for the event, along with Bishop MA Daniel of the Methodist Church and a host of other senior pastors from every denomination participating in this Rally.

Sujay Daniel and A.K. Aryan, from CSI Wesley Church, Ramkot, said, "This event is something we look forward to every year, where we all participate from all the denominations.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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