Buggana Asks What Kotla Did for Dhone as MoS

Kurnool: AP finance minister Buggana Rajendranath accused Dhone Telugu Desam candidate and former union minister Kotla Jayasurya Prakash Reddy of failing to develop Dhone even while being part of the central government.

In particular, Rajendranath highlighted Kotla’s unfulfilled promise of establishing a railway coach factory in Dhone.

“After being absent from the political scene for nearly 15 years, Kotla has returned to Dhone solely to protect his political interests,” the finance minister remarked.

Speaking to reporters in Dhone on Saturday, Rajendranath challenged Kotla Jayasurya Prakash Reddy to see the transformation in Dhone over the past five years before engaging in any discussion. He speculated whether the former union minister’s newfound affection for Dhone stems from his inability to secure a seat elsewhere in the state.

"Jayasurya Prakash seems to have no fixed address, shifts his focus from one place to another based on political convenience. Where does his true allegiance lie? Is it Dhone, Adoni, Alur, Kodumur, or Kurnool? Hasn’t he come to Dhone as he couldn’t secure a seat elsewhere,” the minister asked.

He challenged the union minister for an open debate on development initiatives undertaken in Dhone assembly constituency during the tenures of both the TDP and the YSRCP.

“With little to showcase, Kotla is resorting to spreading false propaganda against me,” Rajendranath remarked.

On the day, representatives of Traitha Siddhantha Bhagavad Gita members met the finance minister at the latter’s camp office in Dhone town.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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